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About Me -  I am originally from a small town in Northern Maine directly on the Canadian border called Fort Kent! Growing up there has given me an immense appreciation for the beauty in all four seasons we enjoy living in Maine.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in both Secondary Education in Mathematics and Business Administration from the University of Maine at Fort Kent although the majority of my college life was really spent on the soccer field.  I moved down to Fryeburg in 2006 when I applied for the only middle school math teaching position open in the entire state! I have taught Geometry, Algebra, and 6th-8th grade math while teaching at Molly Ockett Middle School.  I further my education constantly and graduated with my Master's in Education in Administration from St. Joseph's College of Maine in May of 2013.  I have now begun seeking certification in gifted and talented to further expand my ability to meet the needs of my students.  I have a passion for math and for teaching! 

MESA is a 6th-8th grade program, therefore topics covered each year will be different.  Math classes are set up in a way to address each individual student's needs while still meeting the Common Core State Standards.  It is my aim to incorporate environmental science concepts into my lessons and work when possible.  

2012-2013 Forest for the Future Year
    Projects included: 400-Acre Forest
                               Plot Study using Clinometers

2013-2014 EcoHydrology
    Projects: Brookie Buddies are coming in January!! We will be raising trout eggs and releasing the trout into a nearby waterway.
                  Hooked on Fishing! 

    Weather, Climate, and Geology
    Projects: Weather at Your School with Malory Brooks, Brookie Buddies, Hooked on (Ice) Fishing

You will probably rarely see me in any of the MESA photos as I find myself documenting much of what we experience. Some of my favorite photos from the program include:


This year we have the ability to use an online program called ixl to practice our math skills.  Students should be using it nightly to reinforce skills that we are working on as well as looking for skills that they may be weaker in from previous years.  
Find the website here:
All students have a login and password.

Other websites:

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