Curriculum and Standards

Our program gives students chances state awards and dine with the governor... or place third in a statewide contest (that had much larger schools like Gorham and Westbook) held by the Chewonki Foundation.

Our schedule and holistic approach to students takes them up Mount Kearsarge or Chocorua, gives them power tools in Mr. Wheeler's room and build twelve loon boxes with the Kezar Lake Watershed Association (a group that sought us out, as they were so impressed with us on a previous field trip) and gives them a maddocks or a hammer on Cathderal Ledge to build a bridge for a snowmobile club and the WMNF.

Our 6th Grade students almost swept the science fair.

Our students attendance is substantially improves. The visits to the office are almost non-existent. 

We build confidence in our students.

In addition, I'd like to add when my daughter gets older, she's 2, she'll be in MESA. Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Myers will be doing the same as well. 

We hold our students to a very high standard. We expect and most of the time get nothing but their best. We try our best to meet all the needs of our students. 

Our experiential learning settings with Tin Mountain, Bryant Pond, the Kezar Lake Watershed Association, and others take us to places few students get to in their entire K-12 experience.

MESA has been behind the No Trespassing signs at hydroelectric dams (legally of course), on top of Mount Chocorua and Kearsarge, and down the Saco River with Fred Westerberg.

We have students who know their tree ID better than their app icons. We have students who can track just about any animal better than keeping track of their friends on Facebook. Perhaps, most importantly, we are a Drama-Free zone, and in a middle school that is priceless.

Four teachers. Very passionate about what they do and actually care about kids.

Common Core Standards