Big Mike....what the heck is that?

What is that Big Mike?
Answer: Weird stuff.  It’s not seeding now, but did in the fall. It looks to me to be Clematis virginiana...a type of clematis.

Answer: It's common name is witch's butter.

 Found this pattern on a piece of wood bound for the stove.  The little dots look like bugs or a sap sucker, Isaiah tells me.  But what about the strangely uniform shapes, arched with flat bottoms?  What would make that kind of shape, in a neat little row?  Something in nature, or something human?

Big Mike's answer:That is pretty weird.  The small holes are yellow-bellied sapsucker, but the large shield-shape things?  I don’t know.  They look like they started out as sapsucker holes and then were enlarged.

 Alfie wanted to know what kind of woodpecker would make these holes?
Big Mike's answer: It's a pileated woodpecker that has come back from time to time over the years.