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TMCC Turf Wars with Canada Geese-by Abbigail and Gracie Vaughan

posted Apr 19, 2015, 12:22 PM by Jotham Oliver   [ updated Apr 20, 2015, 6:22 AM ]

    On Thursday April 16th, the MESA (Maine, Environmental, Science, Academy) headed out for a normal Thursday trip to the Tin Mountain Conservation Center.

    We were told that we were going to look at some vernal pools, but since it was such a beautiful day plans were changed and we got to go outside and listen to birds instead!
    When we got to Tin Mountain we sat down and took out our notebook to take some notes on birds and their bird calls! Today we were going to watch a presentation that was presented by Sean Ashe who is currently working a Tin Mountain! He studies birds and a lot of interesting facts about birds!
    After the presentation we had a brief break so we could have snack time before we went outside. Bird watching can make you very hungry after a while!
    Once everybody was ready to go outside we headed out! It was such a nice,warm,sunny day! When we got outside Lilly ( one of the Tin Mountain leaders) passed out binoculars so we can watch the birds up close! As we walked around we saw more and more different birds! Some of the birds that we saw were, Goldfinches, Songbirds, and black capped chickadees! When we walked down to the pond we saw 2 Mallard ducks, and 4 Canada geese! The Canada geese we fighting at one point, but at another time they we just sitting down, resting!
    When we got back to Tin Mountain Lily instructed some yoga to us and I think that it was a great way to end our trip to Tin Mountain!

~ Abbigail Vaughan

On Thursday April 16 the MESA (Maine Environmental Science Academy) traveled to TMCC (Tin Mountain Conservation Center) and learned the following; What kind of birds are spring birds and what they sound like, how to be quite and calm when birding, and finally some awesome yoga tricks.

Below is a list of spring birds that was discussed in the presentation:

Dark Eyed Junco-  Bell

Purple Finch- Bedeep Bedeep

Song Sparrow- DO DO DO do (It also imitates other birds)

Pine Warbler- Telephone 

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker- Squark Squark (You can count the amount of times it drums a tree)

Northern Flicker- Wik-Wik-Wik (You can’t count the drums)

After that the MESA class was taught what they would find outside they decided to venture out and look for ourselves. First they traveled to a field just outside of the front door and found few birds so they traveled into the woods. While walking through the forest they were told to be quite, but you may know that is very hard for a group of 27 kids to be silent. Finally they reached an open area of water and sat down quietly. Mrs. Lewey pointed out that there were Canada Geese to there far left. Then it happened. Out of nowhere two other Canada Geese flew over the MESA classes heads and landed in the water near the other Geese. They must of only been in the water for a split second before the fighting between the two groups broke out. It was really funny. After bird watching, Mr. Oliver rounded up all of the children and had them all get ready for yoga. Below are some picture of yoga that day;

TMCC Birdwatching 4/16

by Gracie Vaughan