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The Raven, Peary Mountain, and raptor migration by Abbigial Vaughan aka Li'l Red

posted Sep 19, 2015, 4:37 PM by Jotham Oliver   [ updated Sep 24, 2015, 8:32 AM ]

On September 14 2015, MESA was going to hike up Mt. Peary to go hawk watching! When we got to the bottom of the mountain we got in a circle and we talked to Mr. Lewy about some types of birds he’s seen and some of the birds we will see today!  Mr.Lewey is an expert on birds and he was going to instruct us today.After he talked to us about some amazing bird types that we need to look out for, we got our binoculars and started on our hike.

Hiking first was easy and gradual. It was also cool weather so it made the hike less exhausting than it would if it were hot out. On the other hand once we started to near the top the hike started to get more challenging! The day started to warm up as time passed and everybody was so tired, but everyone made it to the top!

Finally, making it to the top of the mountain was a good feeling considering that I was so tired it felt good to stop and take a breather! Right when we got to the top we immediately started to see birds.

            We saw Sharp-shinned hawks, a few broad wings and a beautiful Turkey vulture! All of this information

Mr. Lewey was throwing at us was sort-of overwhelming considering we just climbed a mountain! Everyone had their notebooks out when Mr. Lewey was talking to us about some ways that hawks and owls are the same. He told us that they both have really good eyesight, and that will come in handy when finding prey! e also told us that they both have the same kind of niche.

            As he was finishing up talking we saw a couple more sharp-shinned hawks and red tailed hawks! They were beautiful just like every other bird we saw (depending on how far away they were)!

            After that the wind started to pick up and all of the birds seemed to go away………..I think we made out pretty good on such an awesome, beautiful day!

The Raven Fall 2015