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Thanksmas, 2014

posted Dec 20, 2014, 7:59 PM by Jotham Oliver   [ updated Dec 21, 2014, 6:47 AM ]

Thanksmas on Friday with MESA was an event to be remembered. As a teacher, one can take great delight in setting up an activity, stepping back, and disappearing into the background as the students frantically work on the assigned task. When you create an intrinsically motivated culture, something is going very right. That happened that day. MESA teachers watched on the sidelines as their charges worked completely independently and cooperatively. Honestly, it happens quite a bit. It's the culture we strive to create an the expectation the teachers and students all have. 


The video needs some explanation. The audio is a bit off and it shows in some places. First.... 

Thanksmas started, like last year with Santa. Everyone who rode Route 302 through Fryeburg saw Santa out in front of MOMS. We are so fortunate to have Jim as our crossing guard. If there is an award for being a crossing guard, he'd win every year. 

Bryce, Eden, and Eddie helped hang some bikes. These made some nice ornaments. 

Dancing Ostrich

When I stated, endearingly mind you, "that nutball" I was referring to the dancing ostrich, not Mr. Photogenic. When I asked for a Thanksmas picture, the Ostrich choose to dance rather than smile.

So, yeah. Pretty dang nice day. Validating. In my mind, we set up a sandbox and our kids created quite a masterpiece all on their own. 

To my MESA students, thanks for a heck of a year so far. We have created so many memorable moments from mountain tops to a classroom a blow dart gun. I am pleased with how you are beginning to become more and more introspective about the work you create. Keep the lines of communication open. Ice fishing flags early and often.

To my MESA teachers, where do I start....I am surrounded by the best teachers this district and dare I say the state of Maine has to offer. The amount of respect our students have for you both is inspiring and it allows you to take our students to a different level. Year after year, Megan your students dramatically improve their math skills. How you are able to teach as effectively as you do while also and equally effectively take care of our after school athletics is inspiring. Carolyn, you have navigated our program's curriculum to heights never before attempted nor achieved. You are truly a gifted educator with vast amount of tools in your educational toolbox. 

To our MESA parents, keep up the good work. Do not stop texting, emailing, and calling. Communication is key. February, you will have memorized the Gettysburg Address.

To our community partners, no one this would have been possible without your help. Thank you.  

To Charlie...see you in about 11 years.