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Saco River Spring Trip- By Malina Voter

posted Jun 3, 2015, 5:52 AM by Jotham Oliver

On May 28, MESA took a trip down the Saco River. Fred and Prudy Westerburg, from Saco River Canoe and Kayak, provided canoes and transportation for our trip. We got PFDs and put our canoes in at Swan's Falls Campground, and we were on our way. Our route was from Swan's Falls to Canal Bridge. That normally would only take an hour and a half, but we took many stops to do activities and eat lunch along the way. We looked at the different animals and vegetation along the side of the river, and up in the air. The plants we took note of were Silver Maple, and the animals we saw were a Bald Eagle, a Beaver, and several Brook Trout in the water. Our trip was probably one of the best canoe trips that MESA has taken, so a huge thank you  to Fred and Prudy Westerburg.