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Preparing for the week and beyond

posted Apr 11, 2016, 1:58 PM by Jotham Oliver

What did your child do today? Perhaps they might have said not classes, which is true only in the traditional sense. If one looks at the calendar, you can see it's a packed week (like September packed).

Students conferenced with Mrs. Barry over a math assessment, reviewed essays with Mr. Oliver, and then managed a great activity with Mrs. Lewey that focused on claims evidence and reasoning. Not enough? Mrs. Lewey, then led MESA through a genetics activity.

Eastside Bike Guides was repairing bikes out back. Final preparations for the play. MEA testing. If your MESA students says they didn't do anything today, they are right. They must not have taken advantage of the opportunities he or she was given. Take a look at this time lapse. It covers about an hour. Where is your MESA student? Do he or she look busy?