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Odds and Ends Two Weeks In

posted Sep 14, 2014, 7:41 PM by Jotham Oliver

So much in two weeks. In the end, it needs to be that way. MESA needs students to reveal who they are and what they can offer the program. You can't do that with worksheets and lectures. 

Over the next two weeks, buckle up: Kezar Falls Gorge, Pietree, Saco River trip, Perry Mountain, Bryant Pond, and another visit from the Maine DEP. Plenty of dear diary moments. Plenty of what Steindl-Rast calls Stop Sign moments.

Parents: ask your students about Google classroom assignments. Be diligent about the MESA Calendar. There will be work expected from this whirlwind of activity.

And to that, here are just a few more pics of the past two weeks.

Odds and Ends Two Weeks In