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My gift to my fellow teachers

posted Dec 18, 2013, 7:35 PM by Jotham Oliver   [ updated Jan 3, 2014, 3:32 AM ]

Mr. Wheeler- I love Roger Wheeler. Not ashamed to admit it. He is everyone’s grandfather in MESA and I mean that in the most reverent way possible. Roger gives MESA just the right amount of old-school and therefore provides a lot of essential balance for our program. The students and staff benefit from his wisdom. Roger has a story for just about everything and when he starts up, you’ll want to pull up a chair because you are guaranteed to be entertained. And that laugh. His laugh. Few people have as easily identifiable laugh as Roger. The laugh might be the first thing you think of, when you think of the big lovable lug from North Carolina.

Ms. Myers- There’s is plenty of fun in MESA. Carolyn Myers is often the center of it. While I say it to her all the time (and she still thinks I am crazy), it is gospel in my book: Carolyn Myers is the center of MESA. She guides our curricula (who do you think came up with forests, water studies, and then climate studies?), challenges everyone in MESA to raise their teaching game ( was her idea), and oh, by the way, she’s a techo-wizzard (Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet...Carolyn did). Carolyn likes to laugh. It’s fun trying to make her laugh. What kind of person doesn’t want to be around someone who likes to laugh?

Mrs. Barry- We, at times, have a little own world in MESA, often speak a different language, but we always are a family. There was much joy when we found Mama Barry was going to be a mama for the second time. Personally, it was then directly followed by…”oh my...what are we going to do without Megan?” You do not replace family. She is not only an incredible math teacher, but she is our resident principal, guidance counselor, gifted and talented teacher, and one heck of a photographer. I think the funniest person in MESA is Megan. Whether it be an impression (my favorite), a statement of the obvious, or her incredible imagination (does anyone love Christmas more than Megan?), we all are so happy to have her back for countless of reasons.

I have never worked so hard at my job: many nights up way past my bedtime, but, I love my job. The people I work with are second to none in the profession. When others around you make you better at what you do, consider yourself lucky. If they do that AND you look forward to work everyday, you must be in MESA. So I give my thanks and appreciation this holiday season to my colleagues, my fellow deans of MESA, my friends.

Merry Christmas.