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MESA takes to the road

posted Oct 2, 2014, 2:37 PM by Jotham Oliver
Kinda like Hannibal marching to Rome or maybe Washington crossing the Delaware or like the border collies at the fair, MESA mounted up on their bikes and went to Tin Mountain's East Bear Paw. The bikes were serviced recently by Eastside Bike Guides, thanks again, and provided a healthy, cheap, and green way to go three miles across town. Things we will work on for next time: keeping our ghost riders while tightening the slinky, communicating, staying single file, and keeping our hands on a the handlebars.

While there at Bear Paw, Dr. Cline, Lily, and Morgan took our kids around the property to work on our tree identification. After all, we are not sure how much longer we will have these leaves. 

MESA students should be familiar with the different types of pigmentation in the leaves and what makes them change color (hint: not always the cold). 

Ask a MEAS student about:

-What is a leaf's petiole?
-How can you tell a compound leaf from a simple one?
-What are fascicles?
-What are the different ways you can identify a leaf?
-What is a Acer rubrum or a Pinus strobus?
-How can you tell the difference between a white and grey birch?

Tin Mtn 10/2