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MESA Rotary Student of the Month

posted Jan 19, 2016, 3:10 AM by Jotham Oliver   [ updated Jan 19, 2016, 3:36 PM ]
The Maine Environmental Science Academy is proud to announce the recipient of the December Rotary Citizen of the Month.  This student continually puts the needs and feelings of others before his own.  He volunteers with the Special Olympics, plays multiple sports both within the school and outside, and has become a well-rounded student.  He always looks for ways to improve upon himself, whether it be study habits, trying something new, or reaching out to new individuals.  The December Rotary Citizen of the Month is Eddie Thurston.


From Edward's mother:

I know you do it every month, but have to I tell you, it must mean a lot to the kids as the day it was announced was the 1st time Eddie has come home and told me about an award since his 1st Paw Print at Snow!  He was very nervous this AM and instantly calmed when he saw Jotham's car as we parked.  

I appreciate the Rotary taking the time to recognize these kids at a time in their life where peer pressure and parent pressure pull them differently!  Please let the women who cooked know he could not wait to tell his friends about the "melt in your mouth bacon!"

Eddie has always been a Mrs. Kirkpatrick fan since Snow and  it was so nice to have you there, he wasn't expecting that but it seemed to up the level of importance to him.

I still say he Eddie would be fine in the traditional classroom experience, but I am not sure he would be creating the bonds with the adults that seem be be growing with his 3 teachers, I see them as the same types of bonds some  kids create with their coaches after 4 years of play, only he is getting it earlier in his academic development. We all know  that for kids to be successful they have to have that adult role model, outside of home, to guide, steer and correct along the way.  Through MESA, he is fortunate to have 3 of these adults and on any given day, it seems the message is the same on expectations, risks and support. As a parent,  I can't thank you enough for that.