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Fall 2015 Bryant Pond Trip by Angus Bott

posted Sep 19, 2015, 4:28 PM by Jotham Oliver   [ updated Sep 24, 2015, 8:26 AM ]

On Tuesday September 15, 2015 the MESA (Maine Environmental Science Academy) went on a three day two night overnight to Bryant Pond 4H Camp and Learning Center. When we first got there we dropped our "luggage", per say off underneath the dining hall, then headed to a field and did some teamwork exercises.  We then split into our groups and did separate activities. After the activities al the groups met back up for lunch (which was delicious as it has always been). After lunch the groups split back up and were assigned chores, one group took care of compost, another cleaned the dining hall, and the last group fed and took care of the animals. The chores were on a rotation, which means no group did the same chore in one day. Afterwards were more activities, then it was dinner. After dinner and chores was choice period, Then it was lights out or, time for bed. The next day Mr. Oliver woke everyone up before the sun had even risen, which means all of MESA got to see the sunrise, aft the sun rose some students went for a polar bear swim, then it was breakfast and chores, more activities including fire building and making debris shelters, basically a routine of meal, chores, activities. On the final day MESA got to do something brand new, ROCK CLIMBING. Bryant Pond had just finished installing a rock wall, which MESA got to use, but, that wasn't the only part, MESA also got to on the aqua zip, or water zip-line, which hasn't been done in three years, Then after lunch, MESA sadly had to head back to school and reflect upon the wonderful experience gifted upon them by the Bryant Pond staff and the MESA teachers, but not before saying a huge thank you to the cook staff. I myself would just like to say it again, even though I said it after every meal, thank to not just the cook staff of Bryant Pond, but every counselor and staff member of Bryant Pond.

Bryant Pond Fall 2015