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Bryant Pond with Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Sensors by Eden Voter

posted Oct 1, 2015, 6:04 PM by Jotham Oliver

On Tuesday the twenty seventh Bryant Pond came to Molly Ockett Middle School. In the morning we always play a game to warm up our minds but instead we hiked up Jockey Cap. On the way down we were in our Tin Mountain groups and each group had to get four samples of five kinds of leaves. Once we got back down with our leaves we went inside and the Bryant Pond instructor gave us some equipment, such as a probe and a rectangle container. Then we took one of the kinds of leaves we got and and put them in the container and put the probe in the container then waited three minutes to start the graph that connected to the probe and each group had either a Co
2 or O2 probe. Each group marked down what kinds of leaves they used and how much it the Co2 or the O2 dropped. Then we took the leaves out and we waited for three more minutes then once the three minutes were up we did the whole process over again except with different leaves.